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The Need

The Need

Every day, workers in the electrical maintenance, utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industries work in environments that may expose them to hazards that could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. In the event of a momentary electric arc, flash fire or molten metal splash exposure, non-flame resistant work clothes can ignite and will continue to burn even after the source of ignition has been removed. Untreated natural fabrics will continue to burn until the fabric is totally consumed, while non-flame resistant synthetic fabrics will burn with melting and dripping, causing severe contact burns to the skin.

Government reports note that the majority of severe and fatal burn injuries are due to the individual’s clothing igniting and continuing to burn, not by the exposure itself.

The use of flame resistant clothing will provide thermal protection at the exposure area. The level of protection typically rests in the fabric weight and composition. After the source of the ignition is removed, flame resistant garments will self-extinguish, limiting the body burn percentage.

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