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It is important to recognize that industry consensus standards only provide minimum performance criteria for flame resistant fabrics. While these standards typically provide a fair basis for comparing protective properties, they do not adequately address other important performance characteristics that are critical to achieving long-term success in an FR clothing program. Many unproven and/or generic FR fabrics promote the fact that they meet the standards ; however they often experience quality problems including, but not limited to, inconsistent FR durability to laundering, poor shrinkage control, stiff feel, excessive color fading and UV degradation. And why go with a company that just meets standards, instead of a business that strives to raise the bar? Investigating a fabric s performance in the real world and evaluating the experience and expertise of the company producing the product has become a necessary step in a global marketplace. Like many products in the safety category, the majority of companies specify FR fabrics by brand name to ensure compliance and a long-term successful FR program.

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